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Geodesic Dome Storage Shelter/Workshop

Why pay hundreds of dollars a month for a storage unit when you can buy a geodesic dome that you can bring with you if you move, and will last you many years?


• A geodesic dome can store everything you own now, and easily serve another purpose in the future, such as a workshop or greenhouse.
• Put marine shrink wrap on a dome instead of your boat, and you now have a boat cover that lasts for several years instead of just one.

Geodesic Dome Workshops

Have you always wanted a workshop but have never been able to afford it? A 20 ft geodesic dome with a custom fitted vinyl cover, shop lights, and plywood floor can be put together in a weekend for only about $2000.


Our vinyl covers are 100% waterproof and can be expected to last around 15 years. A range of colors are available in vinyl fabrics, and you can choose between fabrics that will let in natural lighting or others that will completely block it out.


You can create a sub floor from free wooden pallets as was done with this dome. Simply level the soil, lay down pallets and nail them together, and then top with tongue and groove plywood or MDF. A 20 ft diameter dome like the one shown above can be floored with 11 sheets of plywood, and below is a layout to show you how to minimize waste.

Heating and Insulation

This workshop can be easily heated in the winter with only one small propane heater. If insulation is desired, you can cut rigid foam boards into slightly oversized triangles and then press them into the triangular spaces between frame struts.

Controlling Rainwater

To prevent rainwater from running under the dome floor, simply dig a circular ditch around the outside of the dome. If desired, you can fill the ditch with crushed stone. If heavy rainwater is expected, you can channel the water from the ditch downhill and into a drywell (a hole that is a few feet in diameter dug below the frost line and filled with crushed stone).


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