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Just Frames

For those who wish to create their own dome cover, or for those who do not need one, we offer geodesic dome frames alone.  We also offer options here, such as dormer windows and cupolas, that are not compatible with our vinyl covers. Read about these special frame options towards the bottom of this page.


You might purchase a geodesic dome frame with no cover if you wish to:

  • Fabricate your own cover
  • Cover your dome with plywood and create a Guesthouse or Workshop (see info on attaching plywood and creating dormer windows below)
  • Make a greenhouse dome by covering the frame with Polycarbonate panels
  • Create an art installation with no cover

Doorway Types

For 3v frequency geodesic domes, there are four doorway options (Rectangular, Hexagon, Pentagon, and no doorway).  Below are wireframe images that illustrate what these options look like.  Select a dome diameter from the drop down menu associated with each image to obtain doorway dimensions for that particular dome size.  A second doorway may also be selected during checkout. 



Doorway Vertical Adapters
Doorway vertical adapters are necessary if you intend to install a vertically hinged door in your dome.  Below are images that depict what these adapter sets look like for 2v, 3v and 4v frequency domes.

2v Frequency Vertical Adapters 3v Frequency Vertical Adapters 4v Frequency Vertical Adapters


Pentagon Doorway Awning

If the Pentagon doorway is selected, an optional awning is available, and the image below illustrates what this looks like.  The Pentagon doorway becomes flat faced and vertical with the addition of the optional awning.  You may purchase the optional Pentagon doorway awning during checkout. 

Cupolas are useful for increased ventilation inside a covered geodesic dome. The image below depicts a cupola in red that has been added to the top of a 3v frequency dome.  You may purchase a cupola for your dome during checkout.

2v Frequency Geodesic Dome with Cupola


Base Cylinders

Base rings area good solution for adding height to a dome when you do not wish to increase its diameter. Add this option during checkout.



Pentagon Dormer Windows
In addition to vinyl and marine shrink wrap, geodesic domes can also be covered with plywood or other rigid paneling, such as polycarbonate greenhouse roofing or plexiglass.  Rigid panels allow for the installation of Pentagon Dormer Windows (shown below).  


In icosahedral geodesic domes, there are five pentagons around sides.  By extruding these pentagons outward to create a flat and vertical face, Pentagon Dormer Windows can be created.  The wireframe image on the left, illustrates one possible method for creating clear windows that can open.  The darker blue shaded triangles represent plexiglass panels, or other clear material, that are mounted on hinges.  The hinges will allow the triangular windowpanes to swing out and up where they can be temporarily fastened to the undersides of the window extrusions.  The lighter blue triangles represent plexiglass panels that are fixed in place. 

Pentagon Dormer Windows can be used to transform a geodesic dome into a Cottage, Guesthouse, or Workshop.  You may purchase Pentagon Dormer Windows for your dome during checkout



Attaching Plywood Panels to a Geodesic Dome

Plywood or other rigid paneling can be fastened to the framework of a geodesic dome with conduit hanger clips (see the photo below).  Two hole hanger clips can be used to secure the panels to the main body of the dome, while single hole clips are used to fasten down panels at the base of the dome and around the doorway.

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