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Geodesic Dome Aviaries and Animal Pens

Geodesic domes may just be the perfect solution for those who are interested in building a large yet inexpensive aviary or fully enclosed animal pen.


Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, we can supply the dome frame you need. Domes of all sizes are available, and it is also possible to add a cylinder to the base of any dome if you wish to make the aviary taller without further increasing its diameter.

Geodesic Dome Frame Info

All dome frames are made from galvanized steel electrical conduit. This tubing is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, and intended for indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for geodesic dome frames. The conduit has a zinc-galvanizing layer, which is covered by a zinc chromate topcoat to provide two layers of protection against weathering.

Doorway Types

There are three basic doorway types to choose from, Rectangular, Hexagon and Pentagon. You may add additional doorways to your kit during checkout.


Doorway Vertical Adapters
Needed to install a vertically hinged door.
Included as standard in each greenhouse kit.


Base Cylinders
Base rings area good solution for adding height to a dome when you do not wish to increase its
diameter. Add this option during checkout.

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